So, I’m thinking of changing my name.

Not my name, but my blogname. Of course, I won’t be able to change my domain name, so something of the old will still remain (which I find rather endearing), but I feel the focus of my writing has taken a slightly different turn.

And it somehow seems fitting to do this, what with my becoming a quarter-of-a-century old next week. Well, that’s how my sister terms it, and while funny coming out of her mouth; from mine it is just plain depressing, so I won’t say that again anytime soon.

So stay tuned, as I give my blog a makeover…I hope you’ll be pleased with the results.


5 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Can’t wait to see the changes!!! And can’t wait until your almost as old as I am!!!! Wish we could be there to celebrate the momentous occasion with you! I think it needs to be a week long festival with jugglers, dancers with streamers, unicycle riders and puppies doing tricks! That is is only way to celebrate a quarter of a century 😉 Love you, dearest darling girl!

    1. Well, dear girl back at you, if I age half as well as you, I shall be content. 😉 So you better watch out, ’cause I’m catching up!! lol
      Maybe I am getting old, ’cause all that sounds exhausting! But fun….maybe I should go out with a bang!! 🙂 lol
      Love and miss you!!

  2. Dear Cara,
    Happy albiet, Early Birthday! I have been reading KattyRae’s blog a while now… I forgot YOU had one!!! Can’t wait to see the new blog look too! I loved tweaking with our blog when we had it!

    Oh, btw – we just say “your half way to half way to a hundred.” Not that THAT will make you feel any better about it… it’s just hilarious… I guess it won’t be that funny when MY age gets closer to yours in… oh dear…. 3 1/2 years!!! Ach no!

    Love ya! Hope to check back soon and read more!

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