Hope To Inspire

A couple years ago, I started another blog, with one of those lesser known blog hosts..vox and then blogspot. This one (StoneRoseValley) had started to become slightly more regular with people I knew, and I had wanted a space to write what was on my heart…without anyone else knowing the writer (read, not having anyone ask me awkward questions).

But…I decided that I don’t need that anymore. I am who I am, a work in progress. I’m not perfect, nor do I ever wish to appear so. People learn from mistakes…they learn from yours just as much as you learn from theirs…or your own.

Every once in a while, I may pull an old post out of the archives there, and share it with you here…or maybe not. The past is in the past, and sometimes it’s best left there…yet, you can learn from it also. So, I won’t share everything (and I retired it, so don’t even bother looking), but I will look towards the future, using the past to grow in wisdom.

So, looking towards that future, I decided it was time for a change…my new inspiration comes from one of the first posts I had written:


Hope To Inspire

Like my dear Jane,

“I find, on looking into my affairs, that instead of being very rich I am likely to be very poor…It is as well…to prepare you for the sight of a sister sunk in poverty, that it may not overcome your spirits.”
Jane, in a letter to her sister, Cassandra.

Hope to inspire….what does it mean? Well you may ask. This blog and it’s title are born of many things; hope not the least. Hope that someday, I won’t echo Janes’ thought above with truth. Hope that a brighter day lies waiting tomorrow. Hope…faith, and those things unseen. Hope in Christ, that He is faithful. Hope that one day I may “hope to feel or inspire affection again”.
But that is my life right now. Hope. Inspiration. Thoughts, dreams, goals, even irritations. Those things that make us human: fear, sorrow, joy, pain, love, faith…and hope.

I’m starting a new journey; one that I invite you to share with me. Are you willing to ride with me, to risk comfort for what may come? Honestly, you’ll still be doing it in relative comfort, from that of your office chair…but still.
My thoughts I lay open…my dreams…even my heart. Tread light upon them.

But, as Jane  says

“Those who tell their own story must be listened to with caution….[for] seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not disguised, or a little mistaken.”
From Sanditon and Emma

Jane was incredibly wise….I hope to learn from her example. As you would be well to do. Sift what you hear…think on it, determining the truth in it…and then, only then, may I hope to inspire you.



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