Post #5: A Favorite Quote

There are lots of good quotes out there….tons of them…but I have to choose one.

So I choose one that has long been one of my favorite quotes ever; one I have here on my sidebar, from Oscar Wilde via Mabel Chiltern (Minnie Driver):

“To look at a thing is quite different from seeing it; for one does not see anything, until one sees it’s true beauty.”

It’s so true…we all look at many things throughout the many days of our lives…but few of us truly see what we are looking at.

When I first heard this, I was so impacted, that I went out the next day, lay flat on my stomach on a grassy knoll, and simply stared at a blade of grass for hours. I walked away that day knowing more about beauty than what I had learned in a lifetime before that.

We rarely truly see people, as well as things. We look at them all the time, but until you see the beauty that is hidden inside, until you’ve taken the time to know them on that level, you’ve not seen them.
I feel like people do that to me a lot…just look at me, never truly seeing.
But more importantly, do I do that to them? Too often, the answer is yes. It takes time, and commitment to really see someone, to find the beauty inside.

Some people are masters at seeing. If you know one, watch them;, take notes even, if that’s your thing. But learn the secret of seeing from them. Because it’s well worth it.


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