Writing…slow but steady….

I’m trying to be inspired…it’s not coming easily tonight. I know I should write here, because frankly, I don’t do this enough.

I’m also trying to make some headway on my book.

Elaine came easy, natural…she’s me, in some ways. Kevin, on the other hand…well, I’m not a guy, so that comes harder, naturally. I’m trying to keep up with giving just enough background info, no more no less….it’s a fine line. While also keeping true to his voice, which is of course, quite distinct. Writing a story from multiple viewpoints is very challenging, I’m finding out.

But, he’s coming along, slow but steady. We’re laying paths for the story to weave through, and that’s why I don’t want to put too much out there too soon. Don’t want to give it all away, just keep y’all guessing. :)

Oh, but his car….I’ve fallen completely in love. His car is awesomely amazing, and I find I’m jealous of a fictional character…one that I created, no less. :) lol

KattyRae has challenged me to our own personal NaNoWriMo month..in April, which starts Sunday…April, the same month in which I’m holding my Studio Recital (which is gonna be awesome, the girls have worked so hard!) AND the concert for the Choral Society that I’ve been involved in the past couple of months. Crazy busy month to add in a writing challenge. Our NaNoWriMo will be slightly different, in that we’ll be working on stuff we’ve already started, trying to push ourselves further. But it’ll be good. I really hope to make some good progress.

I’ve done a good bit of work on my blog for the book; which contains character profiles, inside looks to the storyline and characters, background info, etc…But it’s not a public blog, mostly for me to keep things straight, and only a few people have access to it (those who are helping me with the book/keeping me accountable to continue). So I guess it’s not technically progress on the actual book, is it…

I’ve also been trying to read through a friends’ manuscript she sent me to peruse/edit. It’s good, and I think I could get sucked into it, but with all my many other obligations, I’ve had to force myself to go slow. Too slow for her, probably. I’ve enjoyed it so far; it’s a piece she did during the real NaNoWriMo (November).


6 thoughts on “Writing…slow but steady….”

  1. Just keep on writing and you’ll make it! Finishing a big story is always a great feeling, and I’m sure yours will be meaningful and important for others to read. Will you be publishing it?

    1. It will be a while yet, girl!! Also, there is just way too much information, too many characters, too much that happens, for just one book. I’m planning on a trilogy or a saga…which means, of course, more time before the story is really finished…years, actually. 🙂

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