Decide My Future

Okay, not actually something quite so drastic as that title leads one to believe. But, I would like YOUR help in deciding something.

I have chosen to pursue (kind of) a musical career…or path. As a recording artist.
This is something I’ve thought of for years, frankly. My ‘back-up’ dream, if you will. If  you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ll remember that my first dream is/was to be a wife and mother…not to pursue a career. But, it seems that that is just not in God’s plans for me at this time; maybe someday in the future, I’ll get that. Maybe not. For now I’m going to take a couple of steps in that other direction, see what happens. I am going to be heading to a couple of auditions this next spring, and I’m trying to focus on my songwriting and personal rec studio.
I realize that it is entirely likely that I won’t really go anywhere with this…the musical world of recording artists is extremely competitive. But at least I won’t have to say I never tried.

Here’s where you come in.
You probably already know by now that I’m a fan of quite a variety of genre’s. I just like good music. However, that leaves me at a disadvantage when deciding which genre to personally pursue. SOOOO….I’m going to share a couple of songs/genre’s that I’ve been leaning towards. What I’d love for you to do, is share with me what genre you see me in…personality-wise, as well as what my voice would fit in (if you were as unfortunate enough to have heard my voice- :)-).

So, thanks in advance for the replies…and if I don’t get any, then I’ll just assume that you are all behind me 100%, and totally agree with the choices I have indicated! 😉 lol

In the steps of Jane Monheit (Jazz)

And in case the word “Jazz” has you scratching your head and confused, here’s another video that might help you a little…

Pop Rock




If you want to, you can just leave a comment below, or even a video. You can vote in the poll below also. Or you can contact me personally if you have that info. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing the suggestions.


8 thoughts on “Decide My Future”

    1. Thank you, Carmela.
      I’m hoping to get a chance soon to post about the process that led to this decision…
      But it really is something I believe God has been leading me towards; it may be for several years, or just a few months, but I know that as long as I seek Him, He will show my feet where to walk.

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