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Movies I Am Currently Looking Forward To

with great eagerness!!! I’m blocking from my mind the fact that I really am not in a financial spot to be spending money at the theatre, as that robs some of the joy of anticipation. For now, I continue in blissful IGNOR[E]ance…

  • RED DAWN. This looks like a pretty cool film, centered on the premise of invasion of the US, and the battle to take back our country…and it doesn’t hurt that BOTH Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson star in it. πŸ™‚
  • Breaking Dawn Part II. Okay, I get that you may not be a fan…or you may be crazy about it. For me, I’m in the middle. I like the stories, the films for the most part, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the film series.
  • The Hobbit. Who is NOT looking forward to this release? Peter Jackson is once more behind the helm, directing yet another of Tolkien’s masterpieces. This is gonna be great! Oh, and Richard Armitage singing? Oooh, that’s hot…or would be, if he weren’t a dwarf. πŸ˜‰
  • Les Miserables. Oh. My. Gosh. This story (Victor Hugo, if you haven’t read the book) is one of forgiveness, love, hope; in other words epic amazingness!! Tom Hooper (director of The King’s Speech) is directing, which means it should be brilliant; and Cameron Macintosh, the brains behind the concert AND The Phantom of the Opera, is on board as well. Oh, and that music…to die for. I must confess, I am somewhat apprehensive on that front…I mean, the music will still be awesome, but since Russel Crowe and (shudder!) Anne Hathaway are both cast in some of my favorite roles, I am not 100% convinced that they won’t butcher one of my favorite musicals of all time…Crowe might do quite fine, but Hathaway…no, she doesn’t cut it for me. After watching the trailer above, look up Ruthie Henshall singing I Dreamed A Dream (there, I made that easy for you); then tell me that Anne Hathaway was a good call. Ruthie brings so much emotion, so much passion to the role, whereas Anne brings only hopelessness (from what I’ve heard in the trailers-but, she could surprise me). Still, I am so looking forward to it.
    In anticipation of the release of this film, I am planning on hosting a party to watch the London Cast Concert and enjoy the beauty of the story and music. The many levels that are brought by the music alone is incredible, how it weaves in and out of the whole in a way that gives flow, adds dimension, and builds on every scene; add to that the star cast that brings it to life…I may very well be the only one to attend said party, but it shall be a grand ole time. πŸ™‚
  • Much Ado About Nothing. This modern retelling of Shakespeare’s classic is directed by Joss Whedon…which means, of course, that it should be great. The US release date is unknown, but it has already been released in Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival…Huh?
  • Great Expectations. Dickens’ morbid story of a poor orphan boy who is given a second chance…of sorts.

These will all (with the exception of MAAN) be released November-December of this year. I cannot wait. But here is a list of films from this year that have already been released, but I would love to see still.

  • Red Tails. This film is about the Tuskegee Airmen, who were the first African-American pilots, fighting in the a combat squadron in the second World War.
  • Man On A Ledge. This looks pretty intense…
  • The Vow. Based on a true story, this is supposed to be the ultimate tale of love and determination. I’ve heard the movie is nowhere close to as good as the real story, but it intrigues me, definitely.
  • Gone. This is an intense thriller, starring Amanda Seyfried.
  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting. This one looks like a girls-only type of film, as it can get a little personal…but at the same time, it looks pretty humorous. It may be worthless, but something I put on my list for later….
  • Brave. I’ve heard this was a massive letdown…held a lot of potential, but let’s face it, our culture is too saturated in feminism and the self-journey syndrome…Yet, I still have it on my list of to-watch. Typical.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m a huge Supers fan, so I suppose it’s inevitable that I should see this.
  • The Dark Knight Rises. The continuation of the Batman series.
  • The Odd Life Of Timothy Green. This looks cute.
  • The Bourne Legacy. A new character rises to take the legendary Jason Bourne’s place.

And finally (if you’re still with me in my movie craze, then congratulations!), here are some notable releases from this year that I’ve already seen.

  • Big Miracle. This was surprisingly good. A sweet and true story of the rescue attempt of three trapped whales in Alaska.
  • Safe House. Intense. Unbelievable. Denzel Washington. Ryan Reynolds. This film was pretty cool; great characters, great actors, great storyline, imo.
  • Act Of Valor.Β  Inspired by true events, and starring real Navy SEALS, this film had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a great film, but I felt completely drained afterwards. Not something to be watched lightly.
  • The Hunger Games. Who hasn’t been sucked into the trilogy? This is definitely one of the top 5 films of the year. And if you are one of the few who has not read the books, listen to me now. Leave your computer NOW, get to your nearest bookstore and buy ALL THREE books, ’cause you won’t be able to put them down for a second.
  • The Avengers. Storylines and characters collide as the team of Supers are put together and face off against a fierce enemy. Also, Joss Whedon directed and wrote the story and screenplay, so of course it was fantastic!!
  • Snow White And The Huntsman (The first few seconds of this trailer are a little inapropriate, but that’s all there is of that in the film). This dark twist to the fairy tale was a great film, and would have been so much greater if Kristen Stewart had not been cast. She does a great job in Twilight, but not much else. But, if you can overlook her one acting face, then it becomes a gripping tale. Charlize Theron was fantastic in her role. There is even talk of a sequel. Hmmm…

So there you have it, my film crazes of 2012. I welcome your thoughts or impressions. πŸ™‚


Post…Day….whatever, #4: A Favorite Television Program

My sister, the amazing KattyRae over at Shades of Grace, did one of the best posts on this….I mean, how can you beat the ingenuity of that?!

Anyway….MT aside, my post for this day was/is easy. One word for you.


Okay, some may argue that is two words…but I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

I have been a huge sci-fi geek since…well, for a long time. There are some incredibly lame sci-fi TV shows out there…Farscape, anyone? Yet, somehow I still like that one…can anyone say Ben Browder or Claudia Black?

Which leads me to my point…there are some knock-your-socks-off good ones out there too (if you happen to be a SF geek such as myself); some of my personal favorites being the Stargate franchise. Oh. My. Stars.
Starts off with Stargate-SG I….a secret complex hidden in the Cheyenne Mt. housing the Stargate…an intergalactic travel system known also as a wormhole. I know, it sounds crazy…heck, it is crazy. But remember, please, that we are talking Sci Fi….and cut it, and me, a break. The story centers on the exploits of four characters; two Air Force personal, a Col. Jack O’Neill, and a Capt. Samantha (Sam) Carter, also Jack’s old friend, Dr Daniel Jackson…who starts out as a geek, but eventually turns into the sort of guy who doesn’t make you want to drive a nail through something all the time, and slightly more easy on the eyes…Oh, and their new buddy (translate, alien) Teal’c. There are many more characters that come and go…an alien, Jonas Quinn joins them for a time…Over the course of the Ten Season show (a big deal, ten seasons!), two other people join the team as well, taking the place of some of the old characters; Col Cameron Mitchel, and (another alien) Vala Mal Doran. Cam Mitchel is one of my all time favorite characters.

I think I love this so much for the characters, really. There is so much development (well, for ten years worth, there sure better be!!), and each one is unique, quirky at times, loyal, finds courage they may not have known they had, and maintains & strengthens their relationships with one another.

Around season seven-eight, they created a spin-off series (my favorite of the franchise), titled Stargate Atlantis….basically, they believe they have located the lost city, and an expedition heads out, with the very real possibility that they may never again see home. Again, great characters, possibly better story plot, definitely better on the technical aspects. I love Major John Shepherd, with his perpetual bed-head, adorable quizzical eyes/expressions, his leadership and courage, his compassion, and his loyalty and determination to see the job done…And Dr Rodney McKay (who first appeared with a storyline in SG-I) is hilarious in his self-centeredness…the man had nowhere to go but up (character development). Dr Carson Becket is another favorite of mine…how can anyone not adore a sweet, slightly cowardly, and totally just not there, guy with a Scottish accent? He really grows into his own through the course of this five season series. Ronan Dex…he was always a little too tough for me…but you find out he has his reasons. Teyla Emmagan, a native they find quite soon on one of their first expeditions, joins the team, and becomes an indispensible member. Dr Jennifer Carter is somewhat more how I’d imagine myself in such a situation…basically terrified of off-world activities and almost completely out of her element. Yet, somehow she makes it, with the help of her friends, and with the aid of a courage and determination deep inside her that ’caused her to claim the medical field in the beginning. And Micheal Kenmore…he plays a huge role during the course of several of the seasons.

During the last season of Atlantis, the creators came up with Stargate Universe, another spin-off. A group of people, mostly military and scientists’, discover an ‘Ancients ship’. Again, they hazard the possibility that they may never see home again, but since they are left with little choice, they board it, and see what/where it takes them. It’s neat, I did get pulled into the storyline, which focuses on a ‘younger’ group of people overall…but I found it to not be as clean (again, talking sci-fi, so that’s all relevant) as Atlantis was. I did really love Eli Wallace, an overweight, 23-year-old still living at home playing video games to pass the time before his genius is discovered and he is whisked off to join the expedition. Over all, my favorite of this franchise, as I said, was Stargate Atlantis. It was the cleanest of the three (and, in sci-fi, you do find some objectionable material here and there…I just don’t recall that with Atlantis, but do with the other two). The characters were the most relatable. The script writers did a fantastic job. The actors were great. I grew so involved in their lives, I bawled my eyes out when the season ended. You can ask KattyRae if you don’t believe me.

Florida; Road Trip & Day One

Where do I begin? This trip was truly amazing, and for me, life changing. God addressed so many things, big things, in my life during this trip. He used the people there, circumstances, scripture, and His Holy Spirit to convict me, gently, of areas in my life that need Him. See my previous post for an example.

But this post is about pictures, the truly amazing people, and what exactly we did down there….scratch that. This post is part ONE of THREE…there was no way I was going to be able to fit the whole trip under one post. You’d totally get bored and skip the whole thing instead of just 65%. πŸ˜‰ lol

Hope started out driving at 3:45 am on Wednesday (not yesterday, but the week before); I got to be her navigator, and KattyRae took the first shift of sleep. Soon enough, though, I was forced into the back, leaving those two totally irresponsible peeps up front on their own. πŸ˜‰

I never had the opportunity (or misfortune, some might say) of sincerely regretting this arrangement, so that was a positive. πŸ™‚

We finally made it to the state of Florida…and of course, we had to stop to record this historic event.

It is true, the sun ISΒ  shinier down there!

We had a bit of trouble taking a group picture of ourselves by ourselves…let’s just say, my arms are not very long. And after numerous tries…

We took turns after that…

My sisters do sometimes need to be separated…

We had originally planned to arrive by 8:30pm…but our GPS told us it would be a whole hour earlier. After we called our friends to expect us then, we decided to make a slight detour around 6:45pm for gas and a quick Walmart stop. That ‘quick’ detour/stop turned into a 45 minute episode. Once we finally hit the road again, behind schedule, we kept wondering and driving, as our arrival time passed and our destination point didn’t appear. At last, we realized that our smart GPS wasn’t so smart after all…while I had assumed that since it used satellite it would have automatically taken the time change into affect, I had assumed incorrectly. So we finally arrived around 9:30pm, after keeping our patient friends waiting two hours. lol

We of course stayed up till 2am or so talking and catching up, then hit the Sanibel beach the next morning.

Hope comes very close to needing a membership at Beachaholics Anonymous.

And while KattyRae is quite attached to her camera, and takes amazing photo’s, there is a surprising lack of photo’s from her. 😦

Sweetheart Jessi

Inspirational Evelyn

Amazing Gaby

We picniced on the beach…

And walked around

Jessi’s Heart. When the sand was scraped away, you discovered a layer of broken shells underneath; it was so cool.

And, Jessi found a crab. See him, that little brown spot between those two white shells?

Kat and Evelyn quickly outpaced the other four of us, who would stop to examine every little thing. A plus of being in the rear…at some point, when it comes time to turn around, you are in the lead. πŸ™‚

The beach was lined with shells and fragments. The actual sand is those dark gray patches…all the rest were shells.

We weren’t going to leave Sanibel without first finding the historic lighthouse…which was surprisingly hard to find for such.

But once we had, it was pretty cool. The beach around the lighthouse was really nice, too.

Once we had found and conquered our quest for the lighthouse, we piled back in the car, and headed straight to the W’s. Tim W. is dating my dear friend, Evelyn, and his parents had very graciously extended their dinner invitation to the girls to include my sisters and I. Their family is so amazing; I had not expected to find such graciousness outside of the deep South (another one of those slaps–remember Thor, I have to keep telling myself), and in many ways it exceeded the traditional hospitable south. Mrs Chris is such a sweet and godly woman; Mr Bruce was very nice; Josh and Alisha were a lot of fun to meet, along with their ‘baby’, Mikka, an American Eskimo; and Tim is a really great guy, I couldn’t be happier that Evelyn and he are dating. They all made us feel very welcome, and at home.

We visited for quite some time there, then finally headed back to the girls house. There, we chatted amongst ourselves, played a little Mario Kart on the Wii ( I primarily watched, as I was quite cautious of Wii, having little to no experience in it, and missing my brothers’ familiar Xbox), and settled in to watch the new Jane Eyre.

Let me tell you something; YOU. MUST. WATCH. IT. Sometime. It was really good…and I need to watch it with you, as I dozed off for about 30 minutes and woke up during the tense time of the movie. That was a little confusing. But I knew the story-line, so I was good. Mia Wasikowska….Jane Eyre, remember that.

By the end of the movie, it was 2am, so we all scurried off to bed. Which reminds me; those precious girls each gave up their rooms for us…Jessi to Kat and Hope, and Evelyn to me…Gaby shared her room with her sisters (and I know how crazy that can be at times!). We were so blessed, but there is no way they are going to do that again; next time we go down, we’re going as sisters, and such behavior is unacceptable. πŸ˜‰

Days “2 & 3”, and “4 & Road Home” coming soon.

Post 2: A Favorite Movie

Please note, this is A favorite movie, not my all time favorite. That would be just too hard to narrow down. But this does figure into my top five, for sure.

My pick for this post is simple. It’s heroic…even epic. This is an amazing tale of courage, honor, and compassion. Of brotherhood, love, sacrifice, and integrity. Of violence, and corruption.

It’s a story of war.



Starring Bruce Willis as Lt. A.K. Waters, the film is about a Navy Seals Team that goes into Nigeria (experiencing civil war/military coup/genocide) to rescue a handful of American Citizens at a Catholic Mission deep in the jungle….among them a Doctor Lena Kendricks (played by Monica Bellucci). When she refuses to abandon the 70 odd workers/families/patients (most of whom are native Christians) there in the face of the oncoming Nigerian rebels, the team is faced with extracting all who are willing and able to leave.

I loved this film for a variety of reasons, not the least of those being the fact that while this is very much a ‘war’ movie, there is a good plot, nice character development (uncommon in action/war flicks), and a moral ground/message.

In addition, the cinematography was amazing. I mean, really outstanding. This film sparked an interest in me, for the first time ever, in Africa-Nigeria specifically. The country is gorgeous (granted, some of this movie was filmed in Hawaii), and the people (those portrayed in the film) stole my heart. Patience (Akosua Busia) is one of these people, and her friendship with Lena and her unwavering faith in God and His ways is a precious thing to behold. Her daughter, Amaka (played by Akosua’s actual daughter), is so adorable; and Patience’s husband, Musa (played by Awaoviey Agie), is a brave and honest man.

The Seals Team was incredibly cool, too. Not because they were warriors, braving unspeakable horrors (though that definitely adds to it), but because they were men. As I said, there was character development. You get to see who these guys really are, deep down. You get to see them go from men who are just following orders, to men who believe in a mission. One way or another, they become invested in the lives of the Nigerian refugees.

Ellis ‘Zee’ Pettigrew (portrayed by Eamonn Walker) is second in command (as far as I can tell, now, I’m not up to speed with all that military jazz, so it’s entirely possible I’m wrong on this). He is a pretty quiet, silent type of man, much like the character of Waters. But Zee seems to know what his LT is thinking even before Waters does…he very nearly is Lt Waters conscience. He backs Waters 100%, never questioning, but fully assured that the LT has a reason for whatever he does. If I were to pick out friendships that ran deeper than what is already there between them all, I would wager that A.K. and Zee have a very close one…you know, if they needed to call a friend up back state way, they’d have each other listed as #1 on their speed dials.

If Zee isn’t second in command, then that’s gotta be James ‘Red’ Atkins (Cole Hauser). This guy is outstanding. He has questions, probably a million raging through his head in any given second, even going so far as to seek out and question A.K. privately…but still he follows his leader, ‘either way’…and, eventually, you get to see his determination in following a cause, as well. With his Texan drawl and southern boy manners, Red seems at odds with himself for much of the movie. He is a soldier carrying out his duty, but more importantly, a young man determining his role in life. By the time the last 30 minutes rolls around, Red has finally determined who he is, and what is important to him. Oh, and he’s pretty handy with those explosives, by the way….


Micheal ‘Slo’ Slowenski (Nick Chinlund) is a favorite of mine. I can quite easily picture him as a father, two or three little kids back state, a loving wife. Why do I think that? With no mention of the particulars of their lives back state, this man in particular has an aura of fatherhood about it. He is constantly looking after the Nigerian refugees in a much closer fashion than most of the others, even from the start. He makes sure to talk to them, touch them lightly on the elbow, giving comfort with both his words and actions that he is there for them. He watches out for the people. And I think he gives a [care] for them nearly right from the start. And maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this guy seems to have the same close friendship with Kelley that A.K. and Zee have. Just something in their easy camaraderie, and the looks that pass between the two. I know each of these guys would take a bullet for each other, but there are some friendships that run even closer…and there honestly doesn’t seem to be many friendships that can run deeper than the bond that brothers in arms bear. So, in my head, Slo and Doc are #1 speed dial friends as well, and you can take it or leave it. lol
This guy also gives some light-hearted moments to the script–“Are we there yet?”–though his humor is, overall, a slow and dry one…so if you don’t get it, sorry; I personally love that. He’s pretty cool with a gun, and his laptop/satellite thing (I know, that’s lame, but I don’t know what else to call it). And, he makes me wish, with all my heart, that it wasn’t necessary for the men we love to fight, but yet, makes me prouder than ever of those who do.


Probably my favorite character in this film is Danny ‘Doc’ Kelley (played by Paul Francis). This guy….wow, words fail. But I fell in love with this man completely. He is tough (heck, he made it on the SEAL’s team!), just like all the rest, but still he is a compassionate man….observant, and tender. He never seems to question orders, but carries them out to the best of his ability. I could recount to you every scene he is in, but I’ll stick to just two. While taking a much-needed break in the middle of their flight to the Cameroon border, Doc observes the Nigerian people with them either going hungry, or eating what little fruit was around..and one of their number who is quick to act and slow to talk about it. He turns to Slo, and demands his MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), who replied that he didn’t like ‘roast beef anyway’–as I said, humor–then takes Slo’s and his own to divide up between the people.
The other time is after a shootout…I’m going to skip some of the particulars, partly to avoid spoilers, and partly because its graphic war violence…(here, I usually recommend ClearPlay to cut down on the violence part, but I also feel this is an important scene; just definitely not for anyone under the age of 21, and I’m sticking to that).
While doing all they can to save the life of and comfort someone who experiences first-hand just how horrible this type of war can be, Doc turns to Lena and Patience, and, almost brokenly,Β  but surely in shock, asks who could do such terrible things to another human being. Here is where Patience has a tiny but epic speech, summarizing in this: these are evil men. That is who they are, that is what they do. Evil has no other way.
Doc wears a cross constantly around his wrist; during one scene he prays with/for a suffering victim.

There are three other guys on the team, the two marksmen (again, not too good on the military knowledge, that’s just my guess), Demetrius ‘Silk’ Owens (played by Charles Ingram [no picture]), and Jason ‘Flea’ Mabry (Chad Smith); as well as the point man, Kelly Lake (played by Johnny Messner).

Silk and Musa (one of the Nigerian refugees) have a great moment together one evening. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Flea is also a compassionate man…the least storyline of all the men, but still quite likeable. He truly is the silent type (they evidently didn’t have enough time to devout any kind of a script to him), but he is probably the most compassionate and gentle of all the team with the Nigerian refugees.Β  And he has a role to play in that lunch break as well…

Lake is a complex character. You don’t want to like the guy, through various actions/conversations he has…but by the end, he’s made it onto your hero’s list, along with pretty much all the others. And his determination puts some of those other guys to shame. He is a soldiers soldier.

In all, each of these men showed great courage and loyalty; and also, as the film progressed, we are shown that each and every one of them had great personal relationships with one another. They do not all believe in this particular mission, but never do they falter in their dedication to carrying it out. And though this film might lack somewhat in the dialogue department, the actors did a great job conveying the emotional changes they were undergoing.

Yes, there may be some inconsistencies throughout the film (you may spot them better than I did); and you may find it hard to believe that a large force of the rebel army pursues a small band of SEAL’s and refugees through the jungle…but hold on. It’s a great film, and some things become a little clearer the further into the film you get. There is a big surprise hiding in the midst; I wonder if you’d see it coming?

The musical score to this film is amazing. Hans Zimmer is an extraordinarily gifted composer, but he very nearly outdid himself on this one. Highly recommend buying it; I listen to mine all the time.

I actually have the Directors Extended Cut of the film, giving me twenty-four extra minutes of footage, so some of the things I mentioned or alluded to may not be on the Theatrical release. And, as well as the war violence, there is quite a lot of profanity (these are soldiers, fighting in a horrific and violent world, so I do give them leeway for that…I’d just rather not hear it all myself), earning this film an R rating…so Clearplay, or at the very least a Language filter, is recommended. Make no mistake, this is a hard movie to watch; it’s brutal, it’s violent; it is heart-wrenching. But it is also inspiring.

This story is one which fills me with hope. In a world that is so wrong, fraught with so much evil…there is still good to be found, there is still hope left in the world, and in some men.

In the end, we are told that

“the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” (credited to Edmund Burke).


And I think that is true.







Ok, so I’m late on the bandwagon, I know….and countless others have already written countless other reviews…But.

I’m going to go ahead and weigh in too.

Spoiler Alert!!

I wasn’t sure about whether I wanted to watch this or not; in theatres, of course, I was definitely going to watch it at some point…just debating with myself on whether I wanted to spend $8 or wait for netflix (Since I’m writing this, you correctly assumed that I did indeed choose to watch this in theatres; I did not, however, end up paying my precious $8 on it, as my father was kind enough to treat us! Yay for him! :)).

My oh-so-cool college bro’s had already seen this, and they did not come back with rave reviews, just…..”It was OK”; so I was skeptical going in.

But my mom had sent me this link (Life is too short not to wear red shoes) which contained a pretty good review on THOR.
So we decided to dive in.

My ‘baby’ sister picked out a row for us in front of two boys, I can only assume eight year olds based on subject matter, and I was quickly wondering if I wanted to glare at her or the kids behind me more, amid declining my dad’s whispered invitation for us to move for me-I couldn’t be that ungracious, could I?

“Duh! That’s Captain America! Of course he can!”
“Nahuh, I don’t think so!”
“Yeah! He’s army!”
“No he’s not!
“No way!”
And so on and so forth. It put me in mind of that scene from Emperor’s New Groove, you know the one, with Pacha’s kids?
And yes, it did continue throughout the entirety of the movie, to varying degrees.

Moving on….They kinda had me there with all the cool scenes and effects. The ice, the fire…the hammer. And those viking costumes were pretty sweet too.
I have to say, I quickly determined that….
I was going to adore these four: to the left

That I was a reluctant fan of Loki…..

And definitely not one of that other guy…..Thor. I had to shake my head (OK, there was some eye rolling too) in dismay as I realized that ‘our hero’ was another one of those big guys who were ‘oh so totally awesome (and they knew it too!)’ fellows who went around defying authority and following their own plans because they also knew better than anyone else what should be done.

And then….I started to realize that I had, as I do with so many ‘big, handsome (and yes, slightly arrogant) guys’…yes, I had misjudged him, hastily. He wasn’t as completely bad as I’d first made him out to be (disclaimer: some of them still are, though). And Loki wasn’t quite the hero I’d wanted him to be. There was SO much potential there in Loki, a chance to show the world (or at least Asgard) that there are brothers who rejoice in the good fortune of another, who will stand steadily at their side in support and love. Was that too much to ask, Marvel?!

Apparently so.

I loved how clean and fun this movie was.

I loved seeing the character development in Thor…watching him grow from a cocky and arrogant boy, to a humble and mighty man and leader.
I loved how, like a true leader, he was willing to sacrifice himself for those around him.

I enjoyed Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jane; I hadn’t seen her in anything since Star Wars that I liked her in, so was nice to revive the good opinion I’d had of her. She did a great job, adding just the right amount of femininity to her science persona. I loved how she was at ease around him, but never forward (well, except for that one time….). I loved how she was so much tinier than him. I loved how determined she was not to give up.

And I loved this most of all.

This one time, they’re saying goodbye so he can go back to save Asgard; up till now, he’s always been the perfect gentleman to Jane, to all the ladies. He tells her he’ll come back for her, all the typical cheesy, but extremely heartmelting, stuff you expect to hear during one of these scenes.

And then, they draw close to one another, looking deep into one anothers’ eyes (yes, KattyRae, I know you’re probably being sick right now), and you totally know that they’re going to kiss–because it’s just that great cinematic moment for it, you know?

But then, he completely surprises by pulling up her hand between them, and gently, reverently, kissing it.

I love that he stayed true to his upbringing/customs; that he showed all guys watching now, that big, awesome, mighty men can still be courteous…kind, gentle, quietly remarkable…and still be just as mighty. This was when I decided I’d fallen in love with Thors’ character.
And when I was reminded, yet again, not to make judgements about someone’s character until I’d gotten to know the real them, not the gruff exterior they put on for show, or protection…but the real person they are inside. There’s a lot of biblical principles mixed up in there….and you ask why I still haven’t gotten that down. I don’t know, but I am working on it, and now with a renewed vengeance, thanks to Thor.

Oh, and while her character wasn’t a major one in this story, I LOVED Kat Dennings. She was AWESOME. Love her…and her ipod….and her taser.

Cloudy with scattered Sunshine…

seems to be my life these days. I’m not saying this as a plea for pity…it’s just a statement. One which acknowledges the grace given through that sunshine, sporadic though it may seem. I’m learning–I’ve been learning for quite some time, actually–to truly appreciate the sun through those clouds…what’s that saying about never really knowing what you got till it’s gone?

I’m learning to be 100% grateful for the good days, the clear days, and try to use them the best I can. Not necessarily pack the most stuff I can in…it’s quality, not quantity, you know.

I’m learning that my life is gonna be different then what I had planned at sixteen. That I do what I can. That I don’t plan my activities, my schedule, to please men…but God. Even if my best looks like mediocre at most to those around me, if it’s done for Christ, that’s all that matters. He sees what goes into it, whether my heart was in it or not…where my priorities where; and His opinion is really all that matters. But I dearly love the approval of man…who doesn’t?

I watched a movie tonight…(spoiler alert!) called MY GIRLFRIENDS BOYFRIEND…it was highly annoying most of the time; I saw the surface, looked at appearances rather than what lay beneath the story. I fell for Ethan…and couldn’t understand why a girl would play him like that when he was so clearly special. He wasn’t perfect…but he was good. He was solid, he was sweet. He was funny, talented, annoying at times, fun to be with, great with kids, had a loving relationship with his sister and her family; he was a guy who wasn’t ‘hero worthy’, or perfect, but he was a guy worth it. Most of my reservations were dispelled at the end when every action was made clear.

And then I wondered, through my tears at the amazingly beautiful character of this young man….I wondered if I’d ever meet someone like that? Someone I could just be friends with, who I could hang out with, and be relaxed and free. Someone who’d love me anyway, despite my many imperfections. Someone who would marry me even if I could never have his kids. Would I matter that much to someone? I think I cried as much for myself as at the sweet ending to this movie.

Maybe someday…

Life goes on…and so entre’ the movie reviews.

Contrary, of course, to how it appears here. I know, I haven’t updated in months, my posts are few and very sporadic. My life is crazy, though…and that is my excuse.

I do have time to do the occasional thing that I want (perhaps even more than just occasional…); one of which was sitting down to spend an When in Romeevening with my mom and sis. My other sis is vacationing on the beach, somewhere.
So, mom, KattyRae, and I watched When in Rome, a really cute movie starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, among others; where mistakes, misunderstandings, and love abound. This is at times completely ridiculous, but if you’re in need of a short get-away and lots of laughs, I’d recommend it. Plus, it’s relatively clean, for a chick flick, but since it does have something to do with Italy,when-in-rome some of the artwork is not what I’d wish in regards to family-friendliness.
I sat in horror as I listened with Beth to her baby sister tell her she was marrying the man she’d met two weeks before on a plane flight. With two younger sisters of my own, I could certainly feel what Beth was going through, though I don’t think I would have been able to stand by and let things go through the way she did. At a single nearly twenty-four years of age, I could also sympathize with Beth and, quite probably, would have found myself in that fountain–although without the wine. The entire story was comical and sweet.

Being a Friday night, (meaning, no school and no work in the morning), we opted for a double movie. We’d seen it in theatre’s this past summer and loved it, so mom had picked up her own copy of Letters to Juliet.letters_to_julietSet in the AMAZING country of Italia, Letters to Juliet tells the story of a young woman (Amanda Seyfried-playing Sophie) who spends her vacation helping another travel all over and around the vicinity of Verona to find her first love. Vanessa Redgrave did an excellent job as Claire, who at sixty-some years old, returns to Italy to find her Lorenzo, who she’d left fifty years before. Accompanying his grandmother on a trip that he, according to Claire, letters_to_juliet071-700x466“doesn’t approve [of], which makes it all the more fun!”, is Christopher Egan as Charlie. This chick flick is one of the best I’ve seen in a while, showing that the older generation is more than “worthy of a love story to be told”, and that, if we pay attention, we younger folks could learn a whole lot from them about real love.