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Sitting in a coffee shop

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, sipping on an iced coffee…and wishing I were somewhere else.
Some place cool and relaxing…some place soaking up the sun and fun…some place where time just doesn’t move so fast. Where I don’t have to be responsible. Where I can just be.
Sometimes I’m so tired of living…and sometimes I feel as though I’ve barely begun.
So much left to do in this life…more that I’ll never see. And I don’t want to live with regrets.
That’s why I do the best I can. I fail…a lot of times at lots of things. But every once in a while, I get it. Those moments are worth living for…funny, but even the mistakes are worth it. Aren’t those the things that teach you? That help you to grow, to learn…to thrive?
So, my five minutes are up, and I must sally forth once more into the world. To make a couple more mistakes…and maybe I’ll figure some of them out before they happen.