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15 minutes…and spring at last.

That’s all. Write for just fifteen minutes…make it count, or write something that doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t…as long as you’re writing.

It’s something my writers group came up with this past week. Just something to keep the creative juices flowing…to keep us in the habit. I missed yesterday, but it couldn’t be helped. This new idea isn’t meant to cause guilt or dread…just help us to be who God made us. To help us stop procrastinating all the time!

The more I write (or read), the more inspiration strikes. Those first few minutes are painstakingly slow…they drag, and the muse comes out kicking and screaming in protest; she doesn’t like to be woken. But after Muse sees the light of day, she becomes happier, and will eventually talk your ear off if you give her the time.

I know that there is something that God has planned in this passion for writing He gave me. He has something for each member of our group. And as we see it unfold, we are going to be amazed at His goodness. But for now, it’s an exercise in faith…in patience. And in perseverance.

Spring is coming…and with it comes new joy; new hope. It’s the way God designed it to be. Spring is a time of new life. The burden’s of winter roll away, and the next several weeks we are refreshed, restored…it’s a time to prepare for the harsh sun of summer; when we will be tested, our faith tried.

But today, it is spring. The lawn is mowed for the first time this year; the sweet smell of freshly cut grass mingles with that of the fragrant blooms that have appeared almost overnight.

There is peace in knowing that God is faithful in what He promised; there is joy in watching it unfold.

There is contentment in circumstances; understanding that God moves us in His perfect timing.

There is excitement in relationships…in restoring old friendships, and forging new ones.  At times, I have grown discouraged at the pace that God seems to move people in and out of my life; but in this moment, I know that He knows best…and I understand that we may come in and out of each others lives for the good of us all, and at exactly the right time. Still, there remains the hope that each of those friendships I hold dear at this point in my life will remain so forever.

Spring is that time when the heart overflows, when God’s loving-kindness is so closely felt. When you wonder that you ever doubted…and resolve once more to never do so again.

“It was such a spring day as breathes into a man an ineffable yearning, a painful sweetness, a longing that makes him stand motionless, looking at the leaves or grass, and fling out his arms to embrace he knows not what.”
~John Galsworthy

Spring is that time when we feel a small part of what it must be to walk in heaven.